We hope you can find everything you need on our website. "Langdale Recruiting LLC" is focused on providing a high-quality recruiting and executive search service to companies in the Textile, Nonwovens, Fiber and their related industries. 
It is becoming increasingly difficult to find good talent in many ares of the Textile, Nonwovens and their other industries so let us help you with the difficulty job of finding the experienced people companies need to stay competitive. 
LANGDALE RECRUITING LLC. specializes in the Textile, Nonwoven Fibers and their Related Industries worldwide.
Below are just some of the positions for which we are seeking candidates.

SENIOR DEVELOPMENT SCIENTIST,Our client is a global producer of non-woven wipes and is seeking an experienced non-woven development scientist to design new non-woven substrates for their global market. The position will visit suppliers in the States and overseas and work with them during the development process. Location WI. 

PLANT TECHNICAL MANAGER, Process and quality engineering background is needed for this medium sized company in North Florida producing non-woven fabrics for the filtration, automotive and other  industries. 

PROCESS ENGINEER(S) AUTOMOTIVE, NON-WOVEN Our client is an international company supplying sound proofing, and many other products, to the automotive industry. Awarding winning plant utilizing modern management techniques.

Bachelors’ degree in textile or engineering with experience in fibers, nonwoven, airlaid manufacturing or other nonwoven production technologies.  Great opportunity to join a progressive company of high integrity. 5 plus years experience in Process Engineering 
 YARN SALES/ MARKETING MANAGER To head the sales of cotton open-end yarns being produced in a beautiful new plant in North Carolina with the state of the art equipment. The company is seeking someone with previous textile experience in cotton yarn sales to establish them in the US market. Great opportunity to be "in at the beginning"

NARROW FABRIC TECHNICAL WEAVE MANAGER   Our client is an international producer of narrow fabrics for the intimate market with plants, in North and Central America, Europe and the Far East.  They are looking for a technical weave manager. One of the prominent Narrow Fabric producers worldwide. North Carolina.
DYE-HOUSE MANAGER  North Carolina. Narrow rigid and elasticated narrow fabrics for the intimate industry. International company. 

 The successful candidate will have a degree in a textile discipline and might be fresh out of college. 
Will be conversant with a range of modern technical yarns, including Kevlar and Nomex, as used in the weaving industry, for special applications.
Will be conversant with the production processing of fabrics formation including winding, warping, weaving.
Should be able to dissect fabric and create and draft and weave plan. 
Will visit customers on a regular basis. Interesting opportunity with excellent prospect for a management position.
PRODUCTION MANAGER  needed for the reopening of a woolen/worsted weaving plant in Northeast USA.  Need strong weaving, dressing, drawing-in experience in the wool /worsted weaving industry. Exciting opportunity.  $70-90k

DYE-HOUSE LEAD PERSON. 2ND OR 3RD SHIFT.My client is a major international zip maker and is seeking a lead person for either the 2nd or 3rd shift. Needs to be conversant with mixing of dye baths and making adds as needed. Good solid company. North Carolina. Relocation assistance is available. 

The following disciplines are some, but not all, of the areas in which we specialize. 
Spinning, yarn formation, texturizing, warping, weaving, knitting, crochet, narrow fabrics, broad cloth, stretch fabrics, pile fabrics, dyeing: jet, continuous, pressure, finishing, flocking, polymer, medical, marketing. Engineers:  sales, process, mechanical, electrical, design engineers.
Melt blown,spunbond, spunlace, thermalbond, airlaid, wetlaid, nano, extrusion, needle-punch,  

CEO's, Directors, VPs, Managers, Supervisors, purchasing, procurement, production control, planning, designing, sales marketing, manufacturing, product development.  Engineers:- design, quality, process, production, sales and many more.

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